70s Heaven / Footwear news magazine


Michael Tintiuc's 3 most memorable facts about this shoot in NYC

#1  " 70s Heaven "  was fully shot in the morning Brooklyn. The whole team just got lost in the older part of the borough and we were absolutely free to imagine what we could do wearing 70s styled looks.

#2  I was in love with vinyl since my childhood but there were no such stores in my country. At that time I was thinking of buying a new turntable and some classic old records such as Deep Purple, The Doors, Pink Floyd and others. At some point while we were still shooting I noticed an old vinyl shop. I could not resist entering it.While I was looking at the records, Todd Norwood, who was shooting this story asked the shop owner if he did not mind and then captured this moment, as it really fit with the style.

#3  It was one of those morning shoots when everything just goes the way it should, very harmonious and without any tension.



Photography : todd norwood
Styling : regina smith popp
Hair : staci child
Makeup : renato almeda, kate ryan
Model : michael tintiuc, tatiana
Edition : footwear news magazine / nyc
Release year : 2010